Monday, 2 December 2013

Sensodyne Event

Sensodyne Event


So back in august I was invited along to Vanilla for an event hosted by Pegasus for Sensodyne.

This event was for the new launch of Sensodyne Complete Protection toothpaste, this new toothpaste is not only for sensitivity like all Sensodyne toothpastes it also has 6 other quality’s to it. It helps protect the enamel, helps protect your gums, it cleans while whitening teeth and it helps with plaque and also keeps breath fresh.


The whole night was based around the sensitivity of your teeth. How you ask.

Well on arrival we was given cold glasses of wine and champagne, throughout the night waiters came round offer cold and hot foods to see if you have sensitive teeth. They had a cute ice cream bar and also some games to play throughout the night.

We were given a presentation by some dentists and people that worked for Sensodyne, they talked about the toothpaste and the brand it’s self. They spoke about the new ingredient NovaMin. NovaMin helps restore a protective layer around sensitive area to help shield from any pain.

I suffer from sensitive teeth so I was very interested in trying this out. As like many others I didn’t want to have just a toothpaste for sensitive teeth as I like to use one that also has whitening so I’ve been using this for over 3 months now, I love this toothpaste so much, its helped whiten my teeth and helps when my teeth are sensitive especially when I have wisdom pain.


You can pick this up at Boots & Superdrug for £4.29

You can get Fresh or Extra Fresh.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Harry Potter Studio Tour Outfit

Harry Potter Studio Tour Outfit.


Jumper: NewLook
Skirt: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop
Necklace: H&M

So when I went to the Harry Potter studio tour last month, I got Dionne to snap a few pictures of my outfit. I kept it pretty simple as I wanted to be comfortable for the day. I used my topshop rucksack but forgot to get a photo of it.


Monday, 30 September 2013

Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Hey Guys,
So last week I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour with Dionne.
It was such amazing day; I had so much fun and could of spent hours there looking around at everything.

I even got to try butter beer J

I also vlogged the day so go check that out.
I will have a outfit post coming up soon on the blog of what I wore on the day.
Hope you enjoyed the photos I took. I would really recommend going if you love harry potter. It was great to see how parts of the filmed were shot.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Outfit Of The Day - Simple Summer

Hey Guys,

So I thought I would post a few pictures to go with my latest outfit of the day video.

I really enjoy this outfit and it’s quite sad to think that it’s going to get too cold to start wearing it.
My watch is from Michael Kors and my bracelets are from Tresor Paris I’ve done a few post on them here and here.


Hope you enjoyed this post.